New Kitchen #2

The cabinets are Here !

And being installed .. All the base cabinets are in place now..  And a few of the uppers too..

Enough to tell me how much room on either side of the window. And whether my wire for the light was in the right place.. So far everything looks good.

Well here’s progress.. All the cabinets are installed and the crown molding done.  It’s going to take another day to build the counter tops ..

A different view.  We have more cupboard space now.

Here’s the first peek at the counter tops..  We like !  getting closer to the finish.  Also the new stove is installed.

All Done !

And she’s moved back in..  Just the back splash tiles to choose and install.

A Few improvements…  Cupboards and sink are now centered under window.  New sink but kept the faucet… in works fine.  Dimmable pendant light too.  All the plumbing under the sink is new and improved.

More counter space. The dishwasher fits better so it’s very quiet now.

Garbage and recycle bins !  We had this in GF kitchen.. All the drawers are soft close.

In the old kitchen we moved the island from the middle to this position.  Now it’s permanent with a one piece top.. and full height counter.  The upper cabinets are higher to accommodate taller appliances.  Extra outlets for charging stuff.

We had him do open shelves on this side…  works for us.

We Love the new kitchen !

Now we do a back splash..  Carefully. Found the perfect tile right away ..  Glass tiles with the odd aluminum one.  We like it.  This did not add any color, but that maybe a good thing .

It still adds some “pizazz” to the look.  Very little cutting with the one inch tiles.  But lots of grout ! 25 lbs to be exact.  But it’s done and I can move on back to the downstairs bathroom.  More pics:

She’s adding color with things on the counter and a red shade on the pendant light.

We used aluminum trim along the counter and where the tiles end on the wall.