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Second E Bike has come !

Fabulous Bikes Echo Adrenalized..

Only slight differences..  But every bit as good.  Right out of the box.

No problems with the packing..  So I made an “unboxing” video..

I made this video to show how little there is to do setting up the bike. Most of the work was taking the protective wrapping off. Not long after that I went for a ride just to make sure everything was okay.

And then my final thoughts on the bike.

I think this step through frame is the best bike for old folks like us.. Very user friendly.  For those of us who are not in the best of shape… E bikes are what should get you out and getting some exercise.  I say some.. because if you want you can let the motor do all the work.. your choice.  If you get the chance to try one you will know what I’m saying.  For now it’s full on winter here and even if the roads get bare again it’s still cold.  So for now we will put the bikes away till spring.

New E Bike- The first of two

Fabulous Bikes , Havoc Adrenalized:

Folding fat tire  bike..   Charged up the bike and the GOPRO..  and this is what you get.

I made three short videos for the bike.  This is the first… Next is…

And then my final thoughts..

Any more will be rides or the adding of some goodies.. However after I made the third video the temperature outside got to + 2 c. So why not go for a second ride. No video. This time I went down our road to the highway and across to the paved trail.  The trail was plowed and mostly bare.  The bike is great..  If it warms up again I will not hesitate to go riding in the winter..  but I can’t wait for the nicer weather and more trails are open.

I put all three videos together in one..

The next post will be the second E Bike  for Maureen..  But it will also take two weeks to come.   In the meantime I went for more rides when the weather warmed up.. I even rode all the way to the downtown. I’ve got 20 kms on the bike and the battery still says full.  But the cold weather is coming back …So I put the bike in the basement for the winter.  Here’s the link to the second bike..

Echo E Bike

E bikes and Trails

Ordered a new E Bike !

We live in a trail rich area here in the Drumheller valley.  It’s bike friendly for sure. Many kilometers of paved pathways through town and out to the burbs.  And they are adding more due to the deal with CNR for the old rail grade through town.  Already a section east from downtown has been paved, with plans to take it further.  Hopefully this will include the train bridge over the river just west of town. It has been blocked off since the rails were taken up.  I’m talking about this because we really could use more activities to keep us healthy.  Accessing these trails are just two blocks down the street from us.  That puts us close to a great activity that does not involve driving.  We have two peddle bikes already , good ones that haven’t been used in many years.  But it’s not as flat out here as you would think, so they may be more work then we want.

This is the answer..

A folding E bike ! Why folding?  Our new house lacks the storage we had before the move.  And the fold up ones need less space.  Plus we won’t need a bike rack to take these along on a trip. These bikes are fully equipped with powerful motors and large batteries with lot’s of range. The photo above is  the exact model I have ordered.  I will of coarse have better photos when this… the first one arrives.. Yes first one if we like what we see then we will order a second one..  But we are thinking maybe a step through frame.  Like the one below !

You can see the difference. On this bike the seat post has the suspension.

While I wait for the bike I’m still researching E bikes.  Most of them are out of the USA . The exchange rate is not good and add to that cost of shipping.  Even very few of the Canadian offerings are free shipping.  So you must compare all costs. You also must compare the components used to build the bike.  And not just the motors and batteries but the brakes, gears and the LCD screen for the controller and it’s ability to be configured.  They just sent me the manual for the bike.. It blows me away how much I can change the bikes performance.  Here’s the controller screen that comes with the bike I ordered..  Color !

There’s a lot more info on these than other bikes have.. You can also see maximum speed and average speed.  And like I said it’s customizable .  The 5 you see is the highest peddle assist level.  This one is feature rich, or loaded as we say.  And here’s an interesting fact that I believe true.  Even a long time ago when I was selling bikes.  Most bikes except for the very expensive custom ones are built in China..  Or at the least the frame is. Even brands you know well go to China and have their bikes built to their specifications.  When the bikes get here the company may unpack the bike and add custom things.. or at least go over the bike so they can offer a warranty.  But more often the bikes come shipped as you see them.  There in the hundreds of offerings you will see the same frame being used.  If you are shopping around you will notice that.  So I will review the Fabulous bike carefully .

Update: The bike is coming on Monday..  So two weeks delivery time from Montreal..  That seams right..

It’s here !  Safe and not damaged.  Time to unpack and still look it over carefully.   Well it’s great and came with a few surprises.  A bag for the rear rack.. And a really neat tool that fits all the nuts & bolts on the bike.

It’s Panniers !  Wow did not see that coming.  The tool is great too.  Comes with it’s own little pouch.  Neat.

And they changed the left hand thumb throttle for a right hand twist throttle.  I asked for that. Thanks I like that better.  Here it is…

Without the battery,, that’s charging.  I love it !  While the battery is charging I tweaked the handle bars and the stuff mounted on them to suit me..  I’m kinda fussy about my brake levers angled down a bit.

Time for a new page.  Now that the bike is here.  Page 2


14 FT Vanguard Boat Part 3 Work on Boat

Still don’t know the year !

Here we are in the shop …nice and warm..  all my tools.. Away we go.  As I mentioned in the motor post thing lead to another and I removed all the switches and the stereo, and the speakers.  Cleaned up the rat’s nest that someone else did..  I’ll make my own.  Now I was dying to see if something was hiding under the Government tag.

This tag..  Well there was nothing under it BUT when I removed the padded trim that you see below the tag.. There was the Hull number ! And it matches what is on the tag.  Mystery Solved.. But I still don’t know the age of the boat. Darn..  I’ll probably find out when I register it.  Now I’m making a plan.  And that starts with removing everything from the dash.

What a mess !  This is going to take some planing..  I have a speedometer, steering wheel, tachometer and a switch panel to fit in this space.  But not yet.. The overall plan is to strip the top of the boat of things that are easy to the snap buttons.  This will make the polishing easier.  What the heck..  Let’s strip the interior too.  It needs new carpet and the seat bases are coming apart.  Let’s give it a real good face lift. !

That’s better..  I’m keeping the fold-down seats..  But I will rebuild them..  I found a good deal on gray marine carpet in town, so this will look like new soon.  Also I’m testing my abilities to remove the oxidization from the red gel-coat.

Not bad ..not great either..  Wet sanding then polish then wax.  How fussy should I get ?   I’m using  an eraser wheel on the decals..  works great ! The oxidization is deep.  So it’s hard to get all of it.  Here’s the bow area that I’ve been working on..

The difference you see here is on the right side I used the orbital sander with 220 grit first.  That made quite the difference in the final finish.  Getting rid of more of the oxidization then hand sanding .  I’m working on the bow because the snaps and the bow light will go back on and little to no change.

This is next !  But first an update video..

And the polishing continues…   Also I received the coloring powder to use with resin and filler..  But the best I could do is pink.

Oh well I’m just filling holes like these above.  Snaps and fittings for a top.  Those tops are old school. I want to buy a bimi top .

14 ft Vanguard boat part 2 The Motor

1981-82 Mercury 70 hp 3 cylinder Outboard.

This is going to be drawn out till spring.  Because it’s too late in the year to run the motor other than briefly.  And I’ll be working on the boat at the same time..  

I did get most of the cowling off..  Can’t figure out the front piece.  All I know is …it’s not seized. turns freely . No sign of anyone messing with it..  This is good… so far..  So I just wanted to see if the starter would work with the key.  Nope.  The key switch is broken. The wires are messy.

That got me removing the control from the side wall… which got me under the dash.. which got me ripping out all the wiring .  I’ve ordered a new key switch cause there’s no fixing this one..  So without the key switch I tried to get the starter to kick over.. Nope.. Even with direct power.. !  now got to think about this. I ordered a new starter… They are not expensive so why mess with the old one..

Plus there is a lot of stuff to remove just to get to the starter..  Don’t want to be doing that too often.  And then I can’t get the starter apart to clean it ..

It’s very seized up..  Sure hope I can remember how to put things back..


14 FT Vanguard Tristar Boat

Here we go..  again !

Great project for the cold months..

I couldn’t resist the price..  $550.  Basically I bought a trailer and it came with a free boat and motor.  And if you follow my blog and the posts you know I’ve seen and had a lot of free or cheap boats. And in most cases there isn’t much left that’s any good.  Plus if your lucky and a motor comes with it’s old and hasn’t run for a very long time.  The  motor we have here is not new.. It’s a bit more than 30 years young. However I’m optimistic ..  And even though I don’t know much about it and neither did the guy selling it.  It should run.  There’s a story for him.. But that’s not mine to tell.  Let’s just say he’s only had the boat for a few weeks …and that’s cause he wanted the trailer.  Changed his mind and put it up for sale just to get the money back.

As for the boat… way to good to throw away.  It must have been stored with a cover.  Anytime you get an old fiberglass anything’s covered with mold spots and needs a bath.. Not this boat.. Oh sure it’s sun faded.. but it’s 40+ years old.. Original gel coat finish.. a few chips ..but should polish up nicely.

The controls seem to work fine.. Even have the key !
The seats have been re covered.. Nice

The carpet has seen better days, there’s a bit of green. However you can walk around without falling through the floor..  I like the red and gray theme..  But I don’t like the old cassette deck.. I’m doubting it still works. And I don’t care cause I don’t want a stereo.. would rather have a fish finder.  Which brings me to the general wiring in the boat … Big  thumbs down.. Typical rat’s nest of patched and taped up wires. That will need sorting out.  I will make a video once the boat is in the shop.

And here it is…  And I’m thinking a new post for each of the three parts of the project…  Part 2 The Motor

2013 Polaris Sportsman 500HO Part 2

OK I’m ready !  The best place to start is with some cleaning. So do I remove the plastics ? Or not worry about what’s under them.  It’s not like I’m pressed for time.. However the time is coming soon where I will have to stop using the out side water..

I started with this part of the quad.  Pretty much all of the electrical is here.  And it was very dirty, so gave it a bath with the cyclone detail gun and a brush.  That’s a genital way to clean. Now I can read the fuse bock words!

I removed the rear rack to better clean the fenders and fix the crack from the underside. I’ll take this kind of stuff outside for a date with the pressure washer. Carefully.. 

With the sticher I fixed the crack inside the trunk.  There much better.  Bath Time !  I only removed the rear rack and the winch cover.  And I did use the outside water and my diluted purple power cleaner.  Then I put the stitches on the under side of the crack on the rear rack.  That takes care of all the plastic repair for now.

Wow it’s looking great..

I just erased 9 years from this one..  I got a great deal.  This is the way the quad will sit till all the bits and pieces come next week.  How ever the winch rope came the next day.

Yup bright red.. easy to see. I had a new hook and a Warn rubber stop too. This rope is supposed to be good for 8000 lbs.  The Polaris winch is a 2500 lb one and the ATV weighs less than 700 lbs.  And I have used winches in the past… get high centered on a log in the snow …and you will be thankful you have one.  So That’s why I’m fixing this one.

I had to remove the winch from the ATV.  Put it in the vice and spray the old cable… Tug Tug to get it free. It was jammed in the spool… someone ran it in too far.  any way I win..  Above is the new synthetic line , hook and rubber stop.  What’s the checkerboard metal under the atv you say ?

It’s on the lift table ! I can roll around on my stool to do the work.. Nice…So I’ve been removing each wheel so I can better check the brake pads and the condition of the bearings and bushings.

New video…  While we wait for parts.

Parts are here…  now the winch works perfectly. I was cleaning the air filter box and discovered these cracks on the under side of the boot that goes to the carburetor.

no way can I fix this …and I’m not going to duct tape it either.  New one ordered.

2013 Polaris Sportsman 500HO Part 1

Well I still want to have a quad… even though I may not get to ride it as much as I would like.  And that means a new one would be a waste of money..  The older ones are a lot of work.  My favorite quad of all time was the 2014 Sportsman 400 that I did buy new in 2014.  Went everywhere for many years with that machine.  Reliable , fun and I felt safe.  So I was aiming for that vintage with low mileage, and not beat up. FOUND IT… here’s a web photo of a 2013 Sportsman 500.. not mine !

2013 Polaris Sportsman 500 H.O.; Studio Shot; 3/4 Front; Red; ATV;

But Soooo close.  Yes

Almost the same.. really the only difference  is fancy wheels and new tires..  and a winch.  Even thought it looks good in the photo..nothing nine years old is ever perfect.  There are a few cracks and scuffs.. It’s dirty under the plastics.  Nine years of dust !  But not caked with mud.

But I’m happy with the condition..  Don’t expect much.. fortunately it’s good overall.  Everything works as it should, runs and drives great. 

Look at that 1511 miles.  1200 hrs.  So with out further adue.. Here’s the video I made

Okay .. with the introductions out of the way.. Let’s talk about what I need to do ..  work stuff.. pimping stuff.  Cause it needs to have my stamp. Without taking too much apart I had a good look.. Found things that I missed.. and a few things knew about.. like..

The missing winch control.  Strange…  but a new one is on the way.

The scuffed up front rack.  Hey it happens..  I sanded it and treated the wound.. All better.

Crack in the rear rack..  I’ll fix this . no worries.

Missing latch for the rear tool compartment. A new one is on the way.  Now for what I missed !

A crack inside the front trunk, left side.  Oh yes I did open the trunk but did not notice this..  I can fix it .  This could be caused by too much weight on the left side of the front rack.  It’s really not much stuff to deal with.. But lets add to that a service (new oil and filters). Plus I want to clean the electrical contacts and other bits.  I’m going to start a new post for the cleaning and repairs.

2013 Polaris 500 Part 2

The new garage /shop

This post is about setting up the shop..

OK… The time has come to do some work . It’s a mess. I can’t find most of my tools.  In my other post the  garage was dry walled and painted.  Now the heater is installed so we are good to go.

The heater is nicely tucked up in the corner.  So now I know where I can install shelves and hang stuff.  It’s time to organize and unpack. One of the things to do was install a shelve between the two upper cupboards.

Yes very good storage for stuff I don’t need every day.  But it can’t be heavy because I need to lift it up there.  Oh yes I’ve been busy..

I’ve built a new work bench.  and look it’s messy already.  The drill press and the vice (under blue towel) are mounted.  And it’s painted too !

And more shelves and… I bought a 42 inch wide steel cabinet for my paints and whatever else I decide to put in there.  All of this should take the pressure off the big shelves.

Important News:

I have sold the Kubota BX tractor.  It will be gone from the garage latter today and that will give me tons more room.

Bye Bye to a good friend.  But there is no more work for you..  I have a paved driveway and a new electric snow blower.  It’s all part of the plan to lighten the load.  And now … Say good bye to the two ATV’s and the Honda scooter..  wow got my space back !  However took the funds and bought and good ATV ..Newer… almost no work needed.  2013 Polaris.

I’m using the lift table again..

New house Page 3

Time to do some yard cleanup and make some changes.

During the move I had taken down the fence between the garage and the house.  This made it easier to get stuff into the back of the house and put the outdoor stuff close to where it will stay.  With intentions of turning the space between the garage and house into a parking area.  Parking on the street for three vehicles is all we have right now so this will give us more parking. Always better to have the vehicles off the road.

This area !  It’s 16 ft wide .. and I’m moving the fence back 8 ft into the yard.  This is what I’m currently working on..   One of the first jobs that we got done is the garden shed.

Tucked it nicely into the corner.  This strip will be gravel and a place to park the utility trailer. The problem here was the ground level.  It was up to and covering the vinyl siding.  That’s just inviting problems for the garage .  Notice the gas line on the far right. With the test gauge still there… it’s for the garage heater soon to be done.  But wait ! Before the gas line could be done under the deck needed to be cleaned up. The gas meter is there.

Cleaning up under the deck… What a mess !  Make way for the gas line to the garage . You can see the trench in the above photo.  It’s all done now and a load of gravel spread.  All done by hand.. no room for the tractor.

Great place to NEATLY store stuff like the kayaks.  This fence between the house and the neighbors needed to be replaced .  One post and most of the wood pickets were rotten. Now that’s done back to the the BIG job…  And this is how far I’ve got… to the end of August.

I have the new fence posts in the ground and the forms around them for a 16 inch wall. By digging down I was able to level the parking pad 16 ft out towards the street.  That’s a big level parking pad.

Here’s the concrete work all done.  A nice large step at the gate.  Plus a concrete apron for the double gate opening to the parking pad beside the garage.

Here’s a different view of the parking pad..  And shows better how I came 8 ft into the yard.  I have the metal for the fence now and I replaced the fence section on the north side of the deck.

Just over 5 ft high and never needs painting.  Just need a bit more gravel inside the fence and we are done. Back to the parking pad…

I’m working on getting the slope to the sidewalk just right.  The whole thing is 20 ft wide .. so it’s a double wide parking area.  With a path from the stairs.  I believe that pile is the last of the dirt and sod getting hauled away.  And after some tweaking I got the slope good.

Time for a truck load of the road mix.. And to spread it evenly..

Poof done !  Now we are looking at this and thinking the sand and gravel is kinda ..  dirty.  So we called the pavers.  And that means My part is done.  So I started on the fence.

And here we have most of it done …just the double gate needs to be built,  But I’ll wait till the pavement is done.   They came the next day.. and in 5 hrs we had a very nice new driveway.

The crew had only a little prep work to do cause I had done most of it.  The transition and slope is prefect.  We’ll give it a few days to set up before parking on it.  Meanwhile I have two more gates to build.

And there we have it.  The best gates I’ve made yet.  Six feet high and very little gaps.  They open out so I can better access the back yard.  And with that we are done .. The cats can use the yard and be safe.  Next is cleaning up and organizing the garage. Which has it’s own post…   Work on the garage


A new house Page 2

Week three … the work continues :

But now I have help!  Brother in law is here from Winnipeg to give a hand.  I’m now done most of the painting.  Now we have some work to do that having help with it is great.  Starting with the half wall in the kitchen.

This change needs to be done before the painter comes next week to paint the living room and kitchen.  Adding 1 ft to the half wall is needed to have power outlets and back splash for the new lower cabinets that are happening here.  So this was #1 on the list.

Week 4..  home stretch..   All the painting is done except for the computer room.

The plumbers have been and that work is done. New water conditioner, new sink and a new outside faucet.  The yard shed is up and the garage is done …

There’s a lot more in there now..  So Brother in law is heading home and I can handle the last of the yard stuff.  Movers are coming in six days.

Update : Mid August…  Been so busy time for updates.  We are moved in and mostly set up.  The garage is full.. as expected.  But it all fits.

The poor garage had to swallow up the contents of the sea can, barn and the garage from Pinter dr…  plus the two atvs and the Kubota BX..  it’s all in there now. In the house the furniture is all in place in the different rooms.

This is the set up for the family room.  Still a bit of work to do.  And the office has been wired and painted .  New shelves and the fiber now comes in here.

Still needs the drop ceiling done. And it’s getting a new window.  A work in progress.  but not the living room all done except a few pictures.

Notice the one foot rise in the wall.  Hard to tell it wasn’t always like that.  Yes you are seeing a lot of the same color paint..  We bought too much so I was using it in the office too.  And that turned out great.  Our computer desk that we have had for ever fits.  Nice to have high speed internet and TV again.

A new house …Moving Up

We are just a little crazy. !

Since we are so good at moving …let’s try it one more time.  One LAST time.  However this is a good move… let me explain.  This spring we listed the house for sale.. So with all the reno’s we did and the market improving …why not see what happens.  Well nothing happened for two months ! Then on the last day of the listing along comes an offer and it’s a good offer… Darn we were all set to stay.  During that two months we were searching all the possible homes available. Some sold before we could make an offer. And lot’s of them were a not for us.. (rightfully fussy). But now we have a sale on ours.. The pressure is on.  So then we started looking at homes that didn’t tick all the boxes but most. And everything needed to be considered.  And this one was the best deal !

Say Hello to 35 Park Place ..

You know the saying: Location Location..  This is it for Drumheller.  Even last year when we were looking and not really familiar with the neighborhoods This was the part of town that we were drawn to. It’s called Midland and it’s on the north west side of town.  On the road to the Museum.  And that road can be busy during summer.. But not by trucks just the tourists.  This house is away from that road and on a dead end drive.  Yup I’m holding on to the quiet that I like.  Also it’s on the edge of the Midland Provincial Park, which is the home of the Royal Tyrell Museum.  AND we will now benefit from full city services, like paved roads and Fiber internet and tv..  Yes this is a smaller lot. Just a regular size, but it’s all done for us and with a fully fenced back yard.

Two decks …one is all screened in…

We like !  But let’s talk about what’s not seen in these photos.. just a peek on the right side of the house photo.  This !

Wow !  26 x 24  insulated ( soon to be finished and heated ) GARAGE.  Oh baby … I’ll make good use of this.  Would be better if it was attached to the house…but we couldn’t have everything.  The house has some interesting things..  Like the sunken living room.

Different yes..  Very much the same size as our current home. Three bedrooms , two bathrooms.  The basement has a big utility room, a family room and a nice room for computers and hobbies.  All needing no renovations just a little paint and we want to remove the only carpet in the house in the family room.  We also want to eventually change out the wood fireplace for a gas one.  SO what makes this move worth it.  I’ll share the list;

# 1  Less property to look after..  I’m selling the riding mover for a electric one.

# 2  A big heated garage for me..

# 3  House has a newer high efficient furnace AND central AC.

# 4  The wiring and plumbing is great no changes needed

# 5  Telus Pure Fiber is in the house.

# 6  The Kitchen is good and we are only adding one extra cabinet plus some new appliances.

#7  The three bedrooms are bigger and we can use all three.

#8  Storage ! this house has way more.. There is a 4 ft high crawl space under the living room..  tons of room .

That’s enough reasons for us..  We are looking forward to this move.. One other thing that makes this good for us is the deal we made to purchase the house.  The renter would be moving out at the end of June..  Our date for the actual purchase is Aug 8 th.  I’m writing this at the first part of July..  In a few days we have the keys to the house and as part of the agreement will have from now ( one month ahead) to clean , paint, finish the garage, change the floor in the family room. We are having a water conditioner installed.  Set up the new garden shed.  AND move some of our things in as there is room..  All before the movers do the furniture on Aug 6 th.  That’s a huge advantage for us..  All this will mean we are settled in quickly.  Soon we will be very busy..  But I’ll try to take the time to continue this post..

Ok ..,.It’s the 8th of July and we are in the house it’s ours to do the fixing up needed.  We have a month before moving day.  So every morning we head to 35 park pl to do our list of things.  And it’s a long list.  Today the crew came and started dry walling the garage.  The plumber came to access what needs to be done.  And our cabinet guy came to measure for the new cabinet for the kitchen.

This wall which is currently doing nothing to help the kitchen will be put to work.  Six feet of lower cabinets will be here.  Providing lots of additional storage and counter top space.  I will be raising the wall a foot so there can be power outlets and stuff won’t fall off the back of the counter.

And of coarse finishing the garage speaks for it’s self..  Wait till you see it done.  Then I can start moving my shop stuff in. 

This is one of the spare rooms upstairs. We are re painting all the upstairs except the two bathrooms.  This room will be two tone gray .. the blue is too much.  The other spare room will be a neutral taupe paint.  Interesting checker plate wall paper.  The family room in the basement is getting some love too..  We don’t want carpet so we removed it and put it in the crawl space.  New laminate flooring for that room and some paint.  We are now a week into the work and there is lots of progress.  The room pictured above is now finished.

Looks great..  As well I finished the second spare bedroom which had green painted walls.  It looked like this..

But no more..

The color is called “latte”  don’t know who’s latte..  but it’s very neutral.  The family room got a coat of paint today as well. But something went wrong with the paint and it changed color as I progressed.  I’ll repaint and then take a photo.

But let’s start a new page for this story..   Week 3 page 2 work

Making a Boat Trailer

Hey it’s Spring , warm and I’m busy…

A couple years back I bought a “sea slipper” tri- hull boat.   And it’s a heavy beast..  It came with us on our move to Drumheller … and now it needs a trailer.

Cool hull design.. Should be very stable.

In very good shape. It was a rental boat at a popular fishing lake near Vernon.  It made the trip here on one of my trailers that I picked up also a few years back.

That’s all good …but the boat is upside down..  I need a proper boat trailer not a flat deck.  Solution !  build one by modifying the flat deck frame.

When I got the trailer it looked like this.. I took the sides off and below is what it looks like now..

Has new 12 ” wheels , the lights work..  BUT I will be making some changes!  And that’s what I got up to today..  First I ripped the deck off and tossed it.  then I parked it on stands in front of the garage so I have access to tools.

And this is what we have..  Too much metal !   Nothing a zip cut  can’t fix.  I only need the middle part.

There !  I believe I removed 100 lbs of steel.  don’t need it .  Now I’m planning how to extend the tongue an extra 2 ft out front. As well I would like to keep the tilt feature. So I moved the hinge point for the tilt 24 inches forward.  this was the way to extend the tongue so that the boat would not be too close to the hitch and keep the tilt.

You can see where it was over the axle..  A good place for tilt balance…  But a boat trailer works different.  I’m re- using some the the  channel steel from the extra pieces to add a vee nose out  front.

This brings the saddle for the tilt lock pin closer to where you can reach it.  I’m having problems with my welder … It’s not hot enough to really penetrate the thicker steel..  So I’ll be bolting everything.  A bit of extra work but I don’t want trouble later.   In fact it did not hold at all.   So I will have to think of a way to bolt these two parts together.

And here’s something to fix..  The angle pieces must be different lengths.. Cause things are not meeting in the middle.  I measure from the hubs to the hitch from both sides.  This is how you get a trailer that tracks straight.. I will fix this.

Here’s some more bolts for extra insurance. This is one of two places that take the weight of the pull going down the road.  I’m have to say that’s important !  Yup it’s important.  So at this point I want to put the boat on the trailer and fit the bunks and the winch stand.

Yup it’s a good fit..  Now I need to do some fitting ..  I started with the bunks..  Easy to make. Three foot 2 x 4 covered with boat carpeting.

And large angle brackets too.  Getting the right height was tricky.  I’ll mount them after painting.  Then I need a winch mount .. Lot’s of work getting this right.  And finding metal that would work.

But I got it.. !  Sturdy and the winch strap passes through straight to the bow fitting.  Now to re work the tilt lock so only bolts are used.

Well because we are moving ..with no place to park extra stuff..  I have sold the boat on the unfinished trailer with the 3.5 Merc motor.

2004 Polaris 400 Page 2

Cleaning and Fixing !

This is a bad gash in the top of the speedo pod.  I’m thinking chainsaw..  Can’t for the life of me figure out how one would do such a thing.  But I’ve had more than my share of head scratches.  Look how faded the yellow is..  I’ve tried the wet sanding method..  But this goes deep. I have a solution for that gash I’ll show later.

With the plastics off everything got a good bath.  Now I can thoroughly inspect the drive line and suspension.  And I found some loose stuff, and some things that need replacing.

Like the front brake pads.  This one was beyond wore out !  Tie rod ends are toast as well …So I have some parts coming. While waiting I started work on a boat trailer .   And I did some work on the bush guard and winch.

Cleaned up the winch, breathed new life into the fair- lead rollers.  Some were not turning at all.  And here’s what the yellow top of the light pod looks like now.

The gash was filled with epoxy and I used the heat gun method to deal with the fading.  Not perfect but does work 50% sorta thing..  Once I get my parts I’ll service the front hubs, bleed the brakes and tighten anything I find needs it.  Then I’ll move on to the rear wheels. The brakes are now working great and a new bearing installed on the left rear hub.  We tried and tried the start the quad..  no luck … what’s up it was running..  Best thing to do is park it and wait till I’m in the new shop..  And then do some more tinkering.  It’s a spark issue..

Oct 2022:

Well I’ve had the time to set the shop up ..  And evaluate what I’m doing this winter.  I’ve decided not to tinker with the quads.  I want to clean out the whole shop and work on my Avalanche.  So I have sold both to a nice guy who is a mechanic..  I will be replacing both with a new one …  Here’s the start of a new post:

2013 Polaris Sportsman 500HO