Triple E Surf Side #8 Cabinets

Finally …been waiting for this :

The floor is done the walls are done..  Time to build some new cabinets.  Today I bought the plywood .. some very nice Birch. 1/4 ” for the sides,  1/2 ” for the shelves, doors and to make drawers.  The framing will be made from 1×6 , ripped on the table saw. This is typical RV cabinet construction.. with the exception of me using 1/4 ” instead of 1/8 ” paneling.  Still light weight but stronger.  Closet first then work my way clockwise around the trailer.

Today I built the front of the closet… and seeing how it fits.  Very good.  Next the sides and that’s where it gets interesting.  Curves to fit the wall.  Next to the fridge cabinet this one is tricky.  Lucky I kept the old walls to help with that.

Here’s one side done so far.  This side has the wires inside the wall.  The closet will be finished both in and out.  That will also be needed for the overhead cabinets and shelves.  They too will be hollow to allow for wiring and lights.   New Video….

The closet is the guinea pig for the construction , painting and the gimp rubber trim.   So lets talk “GIMP”.   Or better yet show you..

Funny name for old school rubber trim. I like the look! Finishes off the joint nicely.  I found a source and bought lots of white and brown.  I’ll use the white where the cabinets meet the walls & celing. And the brown where they meet the floor.. like baseboard..  but “GIMP”.  Just staple it on .. cuts with scissors.

Well the closet is painted ..gimped and installed.  Lino on the bottom and the porch light switch installed.  On to the rear upper cabinet.  This time I made a pattern for the where the front fits to the roof.  Nailed it !

Once again the wires are hidden in the hollow of the floor of the cabinet.  I’m not putting doors on these , so I routed the opening smooth.  I’m going to try stain on the front . If I don’t like how it looks I’ll paint it.  But I would like to break up the amount of white.

And here’s the finished overhead at the back the the trailer.  Lights installed.  Fits great..  And next is the 8 ” wide shelf that ties the closet to the rear overhead.

And there will be one of these on the other side once the kitchen takes shape.  Lot’s of places to stash things.  Next is the seat for the closet side of the trailer..

This turned out good.  1/2 ” birch will be the seat, with access lid for under neath.  I’m thinking the fridge cabinet will need to be next..  because the others fit to it.

Here I have it located in the proper place.  The openings are all correct too.  Starting from the bottom we have , a cubby, then the furnace, a nice large drawer, the fridge and another cubby at the top. I’m working on the sides… and they have to fit the wall.

Delivery Notice !

My new fridge arrived today..  It came from Ontario.  12 volt compressor fridge.  No propane.

Nice quality fridge.  Small… only 2.5 cu ft.  These are becoming more common in RV’s .  Low draw on the battery and auto shut off if the voltage gets too low..  Waaay different than the old 3 way fridges.

Time for a new cabinet page… #9