Triple E Surf Side # 6 Exterior Painting

Now comes the real transformation !

Has all that filling and sanding paid off..   You bet..  The first coat of primer is the tell all.

And sure enough I missed a few details.  Just a few holes I forgot.  But now’s the time to fix them.  You wouldn’t even notice them if I didn’t point them out..  But we can’t have that..  I was especially interested in the left front repairs.  Not bad ..

I’m not the best body work guy by any means..  But this is not an expensive classic car ether.  At least a 90% improvement.  I have run out of primer.. so off to Kelowna for more.  Today the little goobers are fixed and so the second coat of primer will be even better. And I’ll use grey so I don’t miss any spots.   The door however is good with the one coat … So I painted the finish (off white) on the inside.  Looks awesome !

Hard to really see in just a photo..  But it’s very shiny new looking.  New Video…

Can’t go to get the primer for a few days..  So a wee lull in the action.  However I am using the time wisely.  I will be replacing the graphics on the trailer.  I send the files to a sign maker for a quote.  But have not heard back.  Then I remembered I have a Cricut !  I can make my own.  It took a while to get programs that would convert the files… but I did it !

Oh did I say I have large rolls of 3M sign vinyl… Yes but don’t ask… long story.  The cricut can do small things only, and that’s fine.  I wanted to shrink the size anyway.  I could not find the font used in the triple E logo..  So there was a bit of a compromise.  Hope I don’t get called out on the one.  UPDATE:  The fella that supplied me with the “Surf Side” logo made me the proper “Triple E ” logo..  So I’m legit again.  Got my primer yesterday..

And now we have a gray trailer.  would have been nice to have white primer.  But you take what you can get.  I cleaned the store out of the off white and the primer.

And now we are back to the white..  Actually the off white finish coat.  You can see the band in the middle that will be blue.  By New Years The exterior will be done.

Another day … another coat of paint.  The second coat (and final) of off white is on.  I used the brush tipping method to get the smoothest and run free finish.  Roller and a dry brush.  I also really wanted to see what the blue would look like..

And here it is !  Yes it will grow on me..  needs black pin stripe border I’m thinking.  Wife likes it…says it goes with the beachy theme.  Or boat theme..  Ya it works.  so lets do this to the trailer..

Ya it’s fine..  So getting close to done.  The door was painted at the same time.

I added the black line because I thought it was good to continue the rub rail look.  The Bargman door latch was rebuilt and keys made so back it goes..  And that small dot up top is a peek hole with a wide angle view.  It was there and works great so back it goes too.  Rock guard is next.  I’m still waiting for the taillights But the exterior painting is DONE !  so a new page is in order.

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