New E Bike- The first of two

Fabulous Bikes , Havoc Adrenalized:

Folding fat tire  bike..   Charged up the bike and the GOPRO..  and this is what you get.

I made three short videos for the bike.  This is the first… Next is…

And then my final thoughts..

Any more will be rides or the adding of some goodies.. However after I made the third video the temperature outside got to + 2 c. So why not go for a second ride. No video. This time I went down our road to the highway and across to the paved trail.  The trail was plowed and mostly bare.  The bike is great..  If it warms up again I will not hesitate to go riding in the winter..  but I can’t wait for the nicer weather and more trails are open.

I put all three videos together in one..

The next post will be the second E Bike  for Maureen..  But it will also take two weeks to come.   In the meantime I went for more rides when the weather warmed up.. I even rode all the way to the downtown. I’ve got 20 kms on the bike and the battery still says full.  But the cold weather is coming back …So I put the bike in the basement for the winter.  Here’s the link to the second bike..

Echo E Bike