1989 Chevy 1500 Flat deck P#3

This will be about the start of work on BOB..  But first :

Update:   BOB got to visit the Linde shop to use the hoist for an oil change and a good look underneath.  Found a few things… some of which won’t matter with a chassis swap.  Those are : the steering problem is caused by excessive play in the drag- link.  Front wheel bearings are a tad loose ..but not concerning.  Things that will need addressing are:  Drivers side rocker has a rust hole.  Some seals on the motor are leaking. Those seals will be replaced when the motor is pulled for the swap.  So really no bad stuff.  While in the air I swapped out the spare for the proper rim on the front..  Now I can clean and paint the spare rim and mount a tire .. ( which I found in Peter’s pile of old tires ).  Plus I’m constantly adding to my stash of stuff.  The latest add is two boxes that are a perfect fit..

Aluminum too !  I will need to change the latch, and add a gasket.  When I turn it the way I’ll mount it the box is 30″ long 13″ tall and 10″ deep.

April 2020:

The donor truck has been stripped down to the chassis. 

The motor and trans will be removed and the chassis cleaned…  painted and get some new parts .