1988 Bigfoot Truck Camper


Yup..  I couldn’t resist..  it’s just the way I am.. But I’m a bit fussy as to what I take home.  These are some of the most desirable truck camper out there..  And still being made..  Here in the Okanagan.   Two piece fiberglass construction. They are not prone to leaks.. or rot like the wood frame ones.  Plus they are better in the cold weather.  Because if this they hold their value.  So when I was offered one (that needs some love) at a low price that allows for money to be spent ..I jumped on it..

The truck it was sitting on got sold early this fall..  so there it sat on the jacks.  This is the same place the boler came from..  But doesn’t need the same amount of work..  It’s just the interior that needs help..  Exterior just needs a bath.

Yes I now have 2 Campers !

The Frontier camper is almost ready to go use..  very little work needed.   This however is a bit more of a project..  And it’s not just a good cleaning.  So next spring we will use the Frontier and enjoy it.  When I get this camper all done we may want to use it instead and sell the Frontier.  We’ll see.

For now I brought it home and we will keep it on the trailer for the winter.  This is a big camper..  11 1/2 ft !   and heavy.  Still no problem for my truck.   Bigger means it’s roomier inside..  a full bath with shower.. large dinette.  and a good size kitchen.  The bed is a full queen too. There’s an awning on the side.. Frontier has one too.. Basically this camper has all the stuff you would expect to have in any RV.  All nestled on the back of my truck.  Turns the truck into a small motor home.

The good …the bad..  and the work.

I made this comparison photo..  to show how messed up the interior is


Yup..  it looks bad for me .. but I’m not afraid of a bit of wood work.   The table and the cushions are there.. and in very good condition..  I’m actually able to tweak things a bit..  But I like the way it’s laid out and will copy it closely.  Same with the kitchen cupboards..

There’s a bit missing here too..  Again I do see this as an opportunity to change the counter top.. and add a cupboard to the bottom.  Because some of the paneling is missing.. I’m tempted to do a bit of painting ..  Also the floor has been added to for more stiffness..  so new flooring is in order too.  I could make this camper real classy.. Here’s a photo from the web of what the kitchen looked like from the factory with just a few personal touches.

They did a nice back splash !  Let’s see how I do..  So many possibilities..   It’s going to be nice to do this kind of work.. no wheels , no motors..

And what about the LOU ?

It’s called a wet bath.  And needs a good cleaning.. but not much else.  so long as everything works.   However look at the sink..  it’s hiding under a piece of foam?  Not for long.  I’m sure there are some repairs needed here and there..  I’m making a list of parts needed.  It’s just things like drawer slides..  better ones.  New LED lights, I’m going to replace both faucets as well..

Venting..   It’s a problem with the older Bigfoot’s.  Of coarse the windows open.. but you can’t leave them open cause rain can get in. The only roof vents are the bathroom one and the escape one over the bed.  Again you can’t leave them open.  The bath one is inside that tiny room anyway.  So I will need to install a roof vent in the middle that will have a vent cover.  I’m thinking of building a winter cover for use on the escape hatch..  so it too could be left open without worry.

Leaks !   I found two leaks..  One is where the awning is bolted to the side of the camper..  A little bit of water from the snow melting on the roof is running down the side and finding it’s way inside.  The other was dampness on the top of the propane cabinet..  I could see that the caulking outside on the top of the door was pulled away from the wall..  I fixed that.   Now let’s not be too worried about these leaks..  because there is no framing in the walls..  just foam and the fiberglass shell..  but it does effect the wall finish..  So.. I’m going to have to tarp the camper for the winter..  And we are going to put an electric heater inside to help dry things out..

I have chosen a power vent to install on the Bigfoot.  and included it in a rather large RV parts order..

This is a new product and it has great reviews.  It has it’s own rain cover !  so you don’t need to buy a separate cover.  A 4 speed fan that only vents..  but that’s ok.. it’s all that is needed..  and the price is great too.   I also was thinking of how to keep the water off the windows..   These campers don’t have gutters.. the water or melting snow .. just runs off where ever..  cause the roof is curved.  They make drip guards for doors.. and you can buy them in any length.  So why not install them over the windows ?  Yes!

And I thought perhaps it’s time to make a video….

Today I also when to my friend Dave’s RV graveyard.. to see what could be used for the Bigfoot..  Lots of great stuff..  Some of the cupboard doors, paneling..  and the hood vent ..

I’m now going to tarp the Bigfoot for the winter.. and not venture out there much..  I said that about the Frontier camper too… but could not help myself.. I was in there lots thinking about what I’m going to do.  So I’m sure the same will apply to the Bigfoot..  Yup I’m very sure.   And on that note it’s time to start a new page / post for all my ideas..  fixing , changing, and even the décor..

Bigfoot Page 2