Ideas & Dreams of the Ultimate RV

Sept 2014:

Ultimate RV ?  Well yes.. but that is subjective.. what’s cool to me may not be cool to others.  When you go to the RV show to check out the latest, you can see a lot of new things that the manufactures have done to “improve” the RVing experience.  But it’s the décor in them that seems to be the focus.  All that is so much fluff to me.. I’m a practical guy..  I want function.  I want a big roomy bed.. I want a bathroom that you can sit on the can and not feel like your in a telephone booth.  Seriously if your going to tow around this big trailer than make it big where it counts. Remember these are just my thoughts and opinions on that… But if I’m going to be critical then I should have a solution.. Right !  Well  I did that and came up with a trailer design that I could build on the old Award frame that Dave has..  Balanced and simple.. big where it needs to be and still light weight. These are my drawings…

Better Award
Better Award

By preserving the things that make the Award trailer such a pleasure to tow.. but eliminating the faults the are the construction problems .. we make a great trailer.

Things to keep:

  • Light weight frame & independent torsion suspension
  • All plumbing & wiring above the floor and accessible.
  • All heavy stuff over the axles.
  • Curved roof and roof ends for less wind resistance.
  • Low entry.. (one step)

Things to change:

  • Treated wood framing
  • Aluminum skin on walls
  • Steel reinforced floor to bare the weight of the walls
  • Roxul insulation
  • One piece rubber roof .
  • Larger Queen bed
  • No tub or shower.  (never use them)
  • More kitchen counter space
  • Large pantry
  • Larger Fridge

Ok But but but …. what if you don’t want a big trailer.. or the truck to pull it.  What if storaging your RV is an issue.   That’s where the “cute” RV’s come in.


Classic Boler
Classic Boler

If only someone was still making these.  Well there are a few offerings out there.. mostly in the USA..  And if you have one… you are sure to get top dollar for it .. no matter what the condition.


The Trillium
The Trillium

Very much like the Boler.. just a little bit less rounder.. Still rare and pricey to buy.

now I showed you these two because they are close to what I believe to be truly the lightest RV’s minus a bathroom..   that doesn’t involve a tent. so it’s just park the door and enjoy..   They are very simple.. two fiberglass shells put together like an egg.  very little wood involved.  Reminds me of the way boats are made !

And that’s where this post is going…  the “what if”  here..

What if:  your little fiberglass RV that’s built like a boat could float like a boat… wheels and all.

What if:  no wood was used so rot & weathering is no longer a problem.

Think about it..  a lake now becomes another campground..  We like it when we camp near water… it’s peaceful and relaxing..  why no on the water.. ?   I’m not the only one thinking like this.. I’ve recently found on the web a few dreams of others.. like me.  Here are two:



Here’s the German’s at it once more…  ok cool looking little trailer..

This is not a misstake
This is not a mistake

It really does float!..  and obviously they have a prototype..  Hmm now we are getting close.. but I doubt you will see one of these on this side of the ocean.

Another offering:

what ?
what ?

This is just a concept.. but it’s much closer to a useful one.  and there are some good ideas “onboard”.   A tad large as well..  If I was to have a list of what I think should make up one of these “dual purpose” RV’s it would go like this.

  • Single axle, no more that 3000 lbs
  • Electric outboard for power
  • Solar panel charging
  • Sleeps four,  galley & potty
  • Walk out front “bow”
  • Still have trailer door
  • Not more than 16 ft length

If you use the two piece body construction .. I think all these things and more are possible.   How about the don’ts..  in RV construction..

  • dark colors , particularly the roof… ever parked a black vehicle in the sun ?
  • Lack of windows…  need light and fresh air ..
  • the need for six steps up to the door ??  what are we building a tree fort?
  • Rear kitchens.. too much weight on the back..  moving the axles back does not improve the towing..
  • Sandwich wall sides..  or what they call hard wall.  if it leaks it’s not fixable..
Stay tuned more to come…