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Putting it all together :

And that calls for some new parts !  Bushings & seals for the steering rod.  And new seals for the axle bearings.   That should keep the water out.  And those new bushings will take the slop out of the  steering.

Speaking of that..  I got the steering back in the TJ..   I amaze myself sometimes ..  I got the bracket perfect..  Everything lined up.  My backer plates are working good..  helps to squeeze the tub flat and get a better seal.

The wheel is nice and sturdy too.  All the steering components are from the 76 TJ..  So other bits needed to migrate with them..

Like the brake pedal..  and with it came the parking brake.   That will be nice to have..  And if anyone is asking..  I’m not painting inside the greasy chain run..  to much work.. and it’s protected with the grease.

I’ve been painting the front hubs..  and some other bits..  Got the bearings and seals in the holders ready to go..  Also cleaned up and resealed the chain cover on the transmission.

Just basically getting all the parts ready for re- assembly.  I want a rolling unit by the end of month..  Because I need the shop to earn some money servicing tractors.   But I’m not letting that prevent me from being careful and paying attention to the little things.  Like…

welding washers on the control rods, for better action.

Today we got the axles front and rear back in.   A bit of pushing for the rear one to get it through the transmission and the other obstacles.

The front was easy..  and as you can see the steering is all done.  Just need the rear hubs back on and the wheels could be put back too..  and we roll !   But I’m a bit ahead .. so I’d like to install the chain and maybe the brake.

Things are lining up good.. But I need to cut some of that motor mount away to get the brake disc on..   Also my rear transmission brace worked exactly as planed..

This is a hallmark in the restore..   enough of the TJ is done so it will roll on it’s own wheels. And I can now determine the best placement for the seat.  However  It’s time to start a new page for the finishing touches…  ..

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