1999 Craftsman GT3000 Tractor


This is what it should look like…


Not the same one..  but you get the idea.. I always find a photo of the same tractor from a google search to show what it looks like in good condition.

This is the first of many projects for the winter..  This came to me as a package of 2 1/2 tractors..   the others are just for parts..  this one is complete..  and runs.  the 48 inch deck needs work.. and the tractor is a real mess.   Been sitting out under the trees.


Lot’s of great things about this tractor.. the best is this triple blade 48 inch deck.  This is a deluxe deck !  needs an arbor, and a good cleaning..


This is a heavy duty tractor..  large 12 inch rear wheels , hydro transmission,  electric PTO for the deck.  20 hp twin motor..   I like it..   wp_20161207_004

But what a mess..   I’m thinking it’s worth the full treatment..  So First thing we did was run the motor.. yup.. good motor.. smooth.  even the battery charged up ok..   Time to start taking it apart….  The plan is to strip it down to the frame .. repair all the worn out bits, like the steering.  I’m even going to remove the rear axle / hydro unit.


Alrighty.. the motor is out and the very old oil drained.  That’s going to be a happy motor when it gets fresh oil & filter.  I gave the bottom half of the motor a bath while it’s hanging out.   Now all that’s left is a rolling chassis.


Everything is very sturdy for a small tractor.  The hydro unit has a separate pump from the drive.  Interestingly the hydro pump has a horizontal drive while the motor drives vertically for the mower deck.  So the drive belt does a twist..   One of the parts that I need to fix is the steering.  It’s very loose and defiantly worn bad.


Here it is out and in my vise.  I’m disappointed to see that they use those darn nylon bushings for the two shafts.  It does not take long for them to wear out and become sloppy.    I’m going to concede and buy new ones..  at least they lasted more than ten years.  However I could not get a new upper bushing ..so


I made one..  In my hand is the worn plastic one.. I took a 3/4″ nut and drilled it out and added a grease fitting..  Welded in place…   New and improved ! This part of the steering takes all the force of the operator yanking on the steering wheel.   So it needs to be strong.


This is where I’m at..   stripped down to just the frame.   Now starts the cleaning and restoring process..    I’m thinking a new page..  so