1989 Suzuki Carry mini truck Page 2

Motor Work:

Now that the motor is out and in the work stand..  time to talk about that..


Wow that’s a huge motor !  And.. it was very easy to pull the motor out the rear.. onto a piece of plywood..  once you remember to disconnect all the hoses.   In fact it was faster than I thought.. Took longer to get it mounted to the work stand.   And so I did a lot of careful removing of the bits..


Here’s a short Video on the progress…

So the motor sat there on the stand for a week… maybe a bit longer..  Seems I’m busier than I want to be..

June 7 th  2016:

Finally got at the motor..  Dave came and in a few hours we had nothing but a naked engine block.   Everything is laid out carefully on a table.   It’s sure hard to tell there is anything wrong with the motor..  The cylinders are perfect.  All we did was a quick honing to take the shine off.   Dave’s gone away for the week, so the plan is when he comes back I will have all the parts clean and painted.. ready for re-assembly.  All new gaskets / seals/ rings and main bearings.   The top of the motor was done so not touching that.


As you can see I’ve cleaned and painted the block.   Yup Orange.  !  That’s part of the color theme for the truck.


Here’s my table full of goodies..  And …


Here’s the new & improved oil pan..  Grey.. once again following the color scheme.  A lot of cleaning , polishing and painting.. but look at the bits & pieces !


As before the whole motor block is orange.  The exhaust is completely painted with extreme high heat silver ( better than rust) . I decided not to paint the transmission..  It’s aluminum.. but I did paint the rusty steel parts.  I am ready for re- assembly on Monday.

Monday June 13 2016:

We got the crank back in with the new bearings and seals..  But when we were changing the rings we ran into problems.  The new rings do not fit the pistons. !  So I did some phoning and will have to wait now for genuine Suzuki rings to come.  So The motor will have to wait once more ..  But if I’ve gone this far I only want it done properly.   I’ll switch gears on the truck and fix up the frame  and box.

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