1973 Boler Page #6 The Interior Cabinets

Well it’s late March.. and I’ve done the house reno’s .  The snow is gone..  So it’s time to get the Boler done..

I emptied the trailer out …everything back in the shop.  These are the yucky cushions..   Off the landfill.  But I have to keep the plywood base for the upper bunk.

In good condition too !   New upholstery is being made as I write here..   The table …  apparently  it will remain red for now.  So I don’t need to work on that..

Update:    It’s taken awhile to rework the cabinets..  So the stove fits..  The fridge fits..  And I managed to get a drawer to fit in there too.   New wood glued inside for strength as well.   They are all filled and primed now..

The interior ( that’s visible)  is painted grey..  I had to make two new hatch covers.. and two more door fronts too..

Here’s the door fronts..  We decided to go with the harvest gold to match the sink and stove.  I like it.   And I got the color SOOOO close.

The stove top is two tone..  so we went to the DARK SIDE..   With the wood floor and the blue cushions..  this trailer will look sweet !

Here is the primed kitchen with it’s new features.  Extra shelf on the left.. and a drawer under the stove.   Also extra wood added to make it more ridgit.   I’m painting the high gloss off white tonight..

May 1 st  week…   Last push.

Before the Boler goes home to Edomonton.    The Cabinets are all ready ..  And I’ve installed them back in the trailer..  The water tank and lines and the hand pump is in and working good.

I’ve got the wiring all done too..  The Coleman Power panel is working good.. It couldn’t go where I wanted.. so it’s below where you sit.

But that’s ok..   I could not get the speakers working good for the stereo..  so I’m leaving that for Dallas to fix..

Still to do this week is the fridge,  Bunk supports,  a drawer for under the stove..  Today we install the hitch on the Rav4  and take the boler for a run..

YES !  took it for a highway run and it’s perfect..  tows great..  Lot’s to do this week..   but I got it all done by Saturday morning..

Here’s the finished closet..

And the finished Kitchen..    And here’s a short video..


I’ve had a few reports back from the first road trip ..  The spare tire mount bent down and clearly the old metal I used on the bumper was not strong enough for all the bouncing..

This will need to be fixed in the summer when the Boler comes back for camp..

Here’s the latest photo of the boler with the new cushions…

But this brings to a close the Boler project..   It gone to it’s new home now..   But did come for a visit to our group camp this year.

Here it is after a long trip to the Yukon and then back here..  They love it..

But Wait ! there’s more !

I have found another Boler  (type) trailer for sale cheap..   A US made version of the Boler called an Acorn / Scamp.   So I’m starting a new post ( of coarse)    1979 Acorn Trailer