14 FT Vanguard Tristar Boat

Here we go..  again !

Great project for the cold months..

I couldn’t resist the price..  $550.  Basically I bought a trailer and it came with a free boat and motor.  And if you follow my blog and the posts you know I’ve seen and had a lot of free or cheap boats. And in most cases there isn’t much left that’s any good.  Plus if your lucky and a motor comes with it ..it’s old and hasn’t run for a very long time.  The  motor we have here is not new.. It’s a bit more than 30 years young. However I’m optimistic ..  And even though I don’t know much about it and neither did the guy selling it.  It should run.  There’s a story for him.. But that’s not mine to tell.  Let’s just say he’s only had the boat for a few weeks …and that’s cause he wanted the trailer.  Changed his mind and put it up for sale just to get the money back.

As for the boat… way to good to throw away.  It must have been stored with a cover.  Anytime you get an old fiberglass anything ..it’s covered with mold spots and needs a bath.. Not this boat.. Oh sure it’s sun faded.. but it’s 40+ years old.. Original gel coat finish.. a few chips ..but should polish up nicely.

The controls seem to work fine.. Even have the key !
The seats have been re covered.. Nice

The carpet has seen better days, there’s a bit of green. However you can walk around without falling through the floor..  I like the red and gray theme..  But I don’t like the old cassette deck.. I’m doubting it still works. And I don’t care cause I don’t want a stereo.. would rather have a fish finder.  Which brings me to the general wiring in the boat … Big  thumbs down.. Typical rat’s nest of patched and taped up wires. That will need sorting out.  I will make a video once the boat is in the shop.

And here it is…  And I’m thinking a new post for each of the three parts of the project…  Part 2 The Motor